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Kane Creek rock art

Multiple panels of roadside petroglyphs on the edge of town.


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Just a few miles from central Moab are 3 rock art panels – from Barrier Canyon style anthromorphs to the well-known Birthing Scene petroglyph. Highly recommended, and because they’re beside the road you can see them all in a few hours.

From the center of Moab turn west onto Kane Creek Boulevard and drive 3.5 miles (the road turns into Kane Creek drive after an intersection) to the signed Moonflower Canyon. The largest panel is close to the road in the mouth of the canyon but you can find another just over a mile up canyon if you have the time. The petroglyphs are between 1800 and 5500 years old.

From here, drive a further 3 miles to one of two pullouts and look for a very large boulder down the hill on your right hand side. This is the location of the Birthing Scene.​ The rock art here, created by the Anasazi, Fremonts and Utes, is younger: from 150-2000 years old.

If you have time and you'd like to stretch your legs then drive to the Amasa Back trailhead. You can access this by parking in a lot at the 4.5 mile point (from highway 191 in Moab), then hiking up the road a further 0.5 mile. The steep jeep trail drops down to a creek and continues left up a hill. At this point check out the cliffs above you. There are a few pieces of rock art here, high above you, but the highlight is the Owl petroglyph. It's one of the most beautifully-designed I've ever seen. Small and yet so perfect. 

If you're feeling adventurous continue on this road to Hurrah Pass, the location of extensive panoramas. The road is not difficult but you will need high-clearance 4WD.

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