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Mammoth Cave

Escape the heat and walk, scramble and crawl through hundreds of yards of volcanic tunnels.


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If you’re in the Cedar City area, then take Highway 14 36 miles to the Mammoth Creek Road. The last 3 miles or so is on a good dirt road and is now well signposted. The area is full of lava beds but here’s a chance to go underground. The cave is home to 7 species of bat so please do not disturb them. During winter months parts of the cave are closed to protect their hibernation. Mammoth Cave is actually 4 lava tubes that radiate from a large hole in the ground. They were formed when rivers of molten lava bored tunnels through the ground before exiting at ground level. The tunnels are left intact.


The main lava tube entrance is obvious. Grab some flashlights (and spare batteries) and clamber down to where it splits into the 4 tubes. It’s cold down here (you may see some ice) so you may need an extra layer of clothing. Some of the tubes are quite short but nearly all of them pop out within a couple of hundred yards from where you started. This is a great adventure for kids as they really can’t get lost and you may find yourself staying here for longer than you expected. I’m sure this can be busy at weekends but I’ve never seen more than a few cars here.

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