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Grandstaff Canyon

The best, most accessible slot canyons in the area. A great chance to see how water carves out some beautiful shapes in sandstone.


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Dating back to the Formative Period (2000 BC - 250 AD), this panel is covers a 90 feet wide area. See elk, canines, human figures, such as the "Moab Man", and big and small bighorn sheep. Look to the far right of the panel and find what is popularly referred to as the reindeer and sled.

  • Location: Take Highway 191 south to the golf course turn off (approximately 4 miles from the comer of Main and Center in downtown Moab). Turn left and proceed to Spanish Trail Road approximately 1 mile just past the fire station located on the left-hand side of the road, turn right onto Westwater Drive. Proceed.5 miles to a small pullout on the left-hand side of the road (please do not block or go up the private driveway).

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