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Natural Bridges National Monument Sipapu Bridge to Kachina Bridge loop

Amazing geology, unique Anasazi structures, rock art, and a great half day hike. 


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Because the access road to the Monument is paved this is another good hike after rain has affected the dirt roads to other trailheads in the area. With stunning scenery, majestic bridges, rock art and Anasazi ruins, this is one of the best hikes in southern Utah.


The good 5.8 mile trail has ladders and railings to help you in the steep sections, especially in the descent to Sipapu. After that you're walking along the canyon floor as far as Kachina. A short detour up exposed sliprock allows you to access some interesting ruins and rock art. From Kachina you can either continue to Owachomo Bridge (adding another 5 miles to the loop) or head back up the cliff and across the mesa towards the trailhead.  

This is a lightly-trafficked trail. Most visitors to the monument view the bridges from the road.

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