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Professor Creek

A shallow, perennial creek leading to narrows and a waterfall.


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This is an 8 mile roundtrip hike in a red dirt-coloured creek towards a short stretch of narrows and a small waterfall. It’s very scenic here and quiet too.

To get there, take UT 128, just south of the Colorado Bridge in Moab, and travel 18.3 miles to a dirt road turn off on the right. You'll see a wooden Ranch Road sign. Drive 2 miles to a parking area. and look for a trail that heads east. Much of it follows the banks of the creek but there are a few crossings where you will get wet feet. Ultimately you will be walking in the creek itself. Note there is little shade on the trail. Wear appropriate footwear.

Have you noticed stores in Moab selling 'red dirt shirt'? Cut out the middleman and take some white tee shirts and soak them in the creek to make your own!

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